Mobile Application Development Latest News:Mobile app developed to locate victims trapped during natural calamities

Mobile Application Development Latest News

initiative of a doctor in the use of technology has produced an application that can help locate a person trapped in the rubble of an earthquake or other disaster when communication fails.

Pradeep Bhardwaj, CEO of Six Sigma Altitude Rescue Medical Services, says his company has developed a software application that can be followed through the mobile phone.
The concept is based on amateur ham radio used to communicate with each other. However, the application developed by Six Sigma, which can be downloaded to a mobile phone, not for communication, but to continuously send a signal that can be detected by special equipment.
"The application does not require connection to the mobile network or Internet to communicate. This is based on the satellite that continuously transmit coded signals, but can not be used to communicate," Bhardwaj told IANS.
The transmitted signals can be detected within 50 kilometers.
He said that maintaining security issues in mind, the application was designed so that people tracking signal can obtain information about your location accurately. Bhardwaj said the Ministry of Telecommunications and had given them a license to operate the system.
Six medical services Sigma have been recognized by the central government, various state governments and countries like Nepal and China for their contribution in saving and advising thousands of people during the Uttrakhand cloud-burst in 2013, an earthquake of Nepal in 2015 and the earthquakes in China, Bhardwaj said.
"The application of real-time location is considering rescue operations in high altitude areas where mobile towers Internet or network failure being hit by a natural disaster. The people or soldiers who are trapped in the rubble or snow can easily be helped out by using the application, "Bhardwaj said.
So far, Bhardwaj said, he and his team had saved more than 5,600 victims who were trapped at high altitudes.
Six Sigma is also known for creating a base camp at an altitude of 24,500 feet on Mount Everest during the earthquake in Nepal, where they had played an important role in helping rescue people from the Indian Army.
Bhardwaj said they would send a proposal on the application to the Ministry of Health soon, urging get it installed on cell phones of soldiers and people living in high altitude areas that are prone to earthquakes and landslides.
CK Misra, Secretary of additional health in the health ministry, told IANS: "This is a good initiative to help people in areas of high altitude However, he said, the government should look into these applications. ".
Bhardwaj claimed the application could have helped track the Indian soldiers caught in the avalanche in Siachen recently, they had been installed on their mobile phones.


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