WhatsApp Messenger Is No More For Some Devices

WhatsApp to stop supporting the BlackBerry platform, older Nokia, Android devices

As WhatsApp returned seven years this week, messaging Service has announced it is dropping support for BlackBerry and Nokia platforms.
The company said on his blog that when the service was launched in 2009, feeding popular platforms about 70
percent were for BlackBerry devices and Nokia and mobile offer from Google, Apple and Microsoft operating systems, which now represent 99.5 percent of sales were less than 25 percent at that time.

In an attempt to keep up and give users greater security,WhatsApp has decided that at the end of 2016, will retire support for platforms including WhatsApp Messenger BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Android 2.1, Windows 7.1 among others.

It was said that these obsolete operating systems do not offer the kind of capabilities needed to extend the features of WhatsApp in the future.Users who are on devices with older platforms are advised
upgrade to devices running modern platforms.


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