5G Wireless Technology : New world record set in 5G wireless spectrum

 5G Wireless Technology

5G Wireless Technology : New world record set in 5G wireless spectrum

The team of washington set a new world record efficiency 5G wireless spectrum, making 1.59Gbit / s over a radio channel 20 MHz.

Engineers from the Universities of Bristol and Lund, working with National Instruments (NI), showed how a massive antenna system can provide a 12-fold increase in spectrum efficiency compared with the current 4G cellular technology.

Multiple antenna technology known as MIMO, which is already used in many routers Wi-Fi and 4G cellular systems.

This usually involves up to four antennas at a base station. The use of a flexible prototyping platform based on NI LabVIEW software and hardware design PXI systems, implements massive MIMO configuration Bristol, where 128 antennas are deployed at the base station.

Bristol mass MIMO system used for demonstration operates 3.5GHZ and supportrs wireless connectivity up to 12 customers single antenna. Each client shares a radio channel 20 MHz common. Complex algorithms of digital signal processing unravel individual data flows in the domain of space seen by the antenna array.

The MIMO massive demonstration was held in the atrium of the building vendors Bristol Participants and achieves bandwidth efficiency unprecedented 79.4bit / s / Hz. This amounts to a sum of flow rate 1.59Gbit / s in a 20 MHz channel.

Professor Andrew Nix, director of the Group of CSN and Dean of Engineering, said: "This activity reinforces our well established propagation and modeling work systems, offering a new capacity model validation architectures massive MIMO This is a time really exciting for our PhD. students and opens new opportunities for research in collaboration with our all partners.

 Professor of Radio Systems Lund University, said: "We see massive MIMO as 5G technology most promising and have pushed forward with its partners in Bristol and our EU project MAMMOET is a pleasure to see these efforts materialize .. "


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