Asus Zenwatch 2 : Support For Voice Calls

Asus ZenWatch 2: What's New

Asus Zenwatch 2 : Support For Voice Calls

In terms of technology, the answer to the riddle difficult second album is keep everything the same, more or less. If you were to compare spec sheets, you face the challenge of finding much difference in the two generations at all.It's the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz CPU power series, backed with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. So far, so very typical Android Wear.But it is not spec. The focus of the Asus ZenWatch 2 is the option, and Asus is approaching the market SmartWatch evolving in a mature way. The focus is on price and customization, and against the backdrop of silly price tag Huawei watch and Heuer label Connected staggering, the $ 149 ZenWatch 2 appears to be a bargain in good faith.And while the original ZenWatch wine in a design - his successor comes in two sizes and three colors: silver, gun metal and gold rose.

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Although obviously reduces an individual choice, you could easily say that the version of 18 mm bundle is aimed at women, while men (in general) prefer the larger supply of 22 mm. Gold is particularly striking and dare we say unisex, and above there are 18 different strap options, ranging from metal link bracelets to leather bands sporting color and silicon. It's super easy to switch between bands too.Our review model in particular was the smallest, gun metal. And although it is far from being the most comfortable Android Wear watch we snuck on the wrist - in fact, it just might be the most uncomfortable - he was not dying to tear it from his arm as the Microsoft original band or the moment runtastic Elite. Okay - that's what we're trying to get here.No heart rate monitor below, so you feel very flush skin and a button has been added to the side to light up and turn off the screen.

Asus ZenWatch 2: display and bezel

Asus Zenwatch 2 : Support For Voice Calls

The screen has not changed in the larger model is still a little pixelated 1.63 inches, 320 x 320, AMOLED with 278ppi density, which lacks a bit of brightness. In our review model in particular that you are looking at a panel of 1.45 inches with a resolution of 280 x 280 dpi and a count of 273ppi.These screens, they have to say, look quite small and quite large faces. As a whole package looks good, but once the screen lit up, and can easily differentiate between the screen and bezel, look how ridiculous comic bezel thickness is.While the original ZenWatch may have been forgiven for having such a frame of thick, in a second generation device that is not really acceptable. It looks dated and cheap. It is easily the point of what is otherwise a weak pretty decent deal.

Asus ZenWatch: Hardware & battery

Asus Zenwatch 2 : Support For Voice Calls

While openly little has changed in the ZenWatch 2 in the front of the hardware, it is unfair to say that there has been some progress. The company has installed a Wi-Fi chip to make use of the new features of Android Wear, and fast charging technology means you can juice up to 50% of the battery in 36 minutes. In fact, you get a full charge in just over 45 minutes (for the smallest model, which incorporates a battery of 300mAh).The battery life is quoted two days, but if you want to get anywhere near this you will have to choose to use the lowest energy always on the screen, which keeps the dim screen and turn Wi-Fi off. Again, comparisons here are rivals with Android Wear Pebble.We had the blur at full brightness screen and full connectivity suite of radios ignited and got no more than a semi-intense day and a half of use. That's fine in terms SmartWatch but not innovative.
GPS is still an omission, so it's not one for fitness fanatics out there - but did not expect at this price, right?Asus has also abandoned some sensors to keep costs down. While the original packed in a sensor / bio combined sensor 9 axes, the sequel has only one 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. But who cares? Nobody expects its Android SmartWatch wear to accurately track your lpm why bother the gradual increase in the price with a sensor of inferior quality? No, we calculate Asus has made some judicious cuts costs here.However, while the engine room lighting the show remains the same - as mentioned above - we did for the first time with Android Wear, observe a slight delay with performance.We doubt this is due to the chipset; touchscreen more likely Asus is not firing silicon as well as it should be. Not terrible by any stretch, but there are definite, and inconsistent, stops when certain touch gestures are used.

Asus ZenWatch 2: The evolution of Android Wear

Asus Zenwatch 2 : Support For Voice Calls

While ZenWatch 2 is much more than an Android Wear device with the same basic experience of the operating system you get in any other stable SmartWatch Google, the Taiwanese company has added its own flavor to the proceedings. There are 50 wallpapers available to choose from, of which about 5 are not horrible, and you can make your own in a new application - with custom text and a series of live widgets.Asus applications have also been added to the Android experience regularly Wear, flavored Asus messaging, media and tracking features of the activity loaded on top. We could not get the new Messenger application work unfortunately and the other, Asus Music, Asus welfare and so on, are more bloatware than anything else.So while we applaud Asus to try to differentiate its offering Android Wear, which has to do much more than duplication of functions with existing applications and new colors.Like the clock Tag Heuer Huawei and Connected, the ZenWatch 2 is officially compatible with iOS (all Android Wear watches will actually play very well with an iPhone, but the powers that are keeping it quiet). However, expect a watered down experience.

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