Google's Self Driving Car Accident : Watch The video

  Google's Self Driving Car Accident

google's Self Driving Car Accident :  Watch The video

Recently released a video showing the moment a self-driving car Google learned the hard way not to fight with a public bus.

Auto driving the car hit the side of a public bus in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View. The material recorded by the cameras on the bus shows a Lexus SUV, which Google has equipped with sensors and cameras that allow the unit itself, overcoming the trajectory bus rolled to around 15 mph.Google has blamed other drivers of past collisions during the test, but in principle, accepted at least part of the responsibility for this accident.The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority released the video and photos after the accident this week to The Associated Press under a public records request.Although it was a low-speed collision, the impact crumpled left front of the Lexus' flattens the tire and radar installed Google was started to help the truck perceive their environment.The Lexus had to be towed. Or employee of Google in the driver's seat - that should be there under California law to take the wheel in an emergency - or 16 people on the bus were injured.The transit agency has concluded on the basis of the feet that the bus driver was not responsible, the spokesman Stacey Ross Hendler said. An independent claims adjuster has not yet determined the responsibility, he said.Here are some other things you should know about the accident and self-driving cars Google:

This is the first crash of a Google car?

No. 14 FEBRUARY shock is the first in which Google has acknowledged his car made an error that led to a collision.Google has reported that between September 2014 and November own prototypes took about 400,000 miles on the streets of the city near the headquarters of Silicon Valley without causing a collision.Its fleet is likely to be driven an additional 100,000 miles since, although the company will not be specific. According to Google accounts, their cars have been hit nearly a dozen times in the streets around its headquarters in Mountain View, because the road events began in the spring of 2014.

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How the accident happened?

Lexus intention to turn right on a major boulevard, but stopped after detecting sandbags around a storm drain submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles California.The photos show two sandbags small, black on both sides of a drain on the curb. The right lane was wide enough to allow some cars become and others go directly but to avoid driving in the sandbags, the Lexus necessary to slide to the left in the lane. The bus and several cars that were addressed directly to the left of the Lexus, in the same lane.When the light turned green, several cars at the front of the bus she passed the truck. Google has said that both the software of the car and the person in the driver's seat believes that the bus would let the Lexus in the traffic flow. The Google employee not tried to intervene before the accident."This is a classic negotiation is a normal part of such driving -. All we are trying to predict the movements of others in this case clearly take some responsibility, because if the car had not moved it would not have been a collision, "google wrote about the incident.

What makes the video?

The images show angles eight onboard cameras.In a clip, passengers looking out on a sunny afternoon attention was shaken by a scraping, crackle and impact, so several handstraps swing.In another clip, the Lexus RX450 can bouncing off the side of the bus. The photos show a zero mark crossing the long side of the bus. car radar unit ended up wedged in the crack where two doors on the shuttle bus passenger side, breaking a glass panel.

A trained in handling the camera shows open his mouth in surprise, then the gesture as if to say, "Why just hit my bus?"

Damage to the bus was between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 (around Rs. 1,34,210 and Rs. 2,01,300), said on Wednesday the transportation agency. Google did not disclose the cost of fixing your car.

surprising move

Google has said that security is the guiding principle in the development of cars, and once mature, the technology promises to reduce collisions and deaths dramatically.The software that controls the car is programmed to follow traffic laws and driving conservatively, according to the company.Law-abiding algorithms governing board computer truck make their decision to try to slip into the front of the bus surprising.Samplers which was not much more than a car-length between the bus and the GMC Yukon in front of her.Google said it has adjusted its software to "deeply understand that buses and other large vehicles are less likely to give in to us than other types of vehicles."


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