Maruthi Suzuki Vitara Brezza New Car : Review

Maruthi Suzuki Brezza New Car

I think the term 'SUV' too abused not only by industry and manufacturers, but also by consumers. You not need anything more than a broad similarity to a body shape "typical" SUV for a vehicle - despite product characteristics - to get bejeweled with many SUV mentioned in gabber marketing, and making a impressionable impact on the minds common people as well.

It is perhaps the lack of power to reach an official term for this type of cars that the term 'SUV' is still used with some kind of word accompaniment as "compact" or "lifestyle" with him for this kind of pretentious cars . I've driven all it offers this segment - Ford EcoSport to the latest Mahindra KUV100 - and you really are not SUVs. Not a bit. There's the TUV300 by Mahindra, a construction ladder frame and sounds more true than it is an SUV in its traditional sense, so I'm not going to condemn yet - especially because I have not driven in any, even slightly off the road condition, to be honest. Even the Hyundai Crete is not really an SUV. The Renault Duster is coming, but only in the format of four-wheel drive. None of these cars are Boleros to feel good with luxurious interiors and long list of standard and optional features.

Based on the global platform C Suzuki Vitara Brezza, too, not just feel something like an SUV. It is a good rear window, but the figure and ground clearance of 198 mm gives you enough "to go by very bad roads' bragging rights.In general, it is balanced and well proportioned for limited vehicle by its obligation to be less than four meters long. But, while the front has an attractive way in your favor thanks to some unique design elements, the back is average at best. The wonderful contrast to ceiling corresponds to one of tastes. I prefer the black-red combination on the choice of white roof with other colors. In profile, the window of the straight line and sustained roof line give the Vitara Brezza an element of familiarity with the Swift.

At a time when interior beige threaten to become the latest fashion, interior Brezza black color comes as a breath of fresh air! One can argue that a dark cabin makes it feel even smaller than it really is, but hey, it is a perception after all! Small silver inserts subtly add some energy to the dark expanse and simple black inside.Apart from some plastic elements - such as the top of the dashboard and door pads - they feel a little low-rent, the cabin feels well together loose and made of good, hard plastics. There are good storage spaces too, and all compartments of the doors may contain liter bottles full size. Brezza also receives refrigerated glove ZDI their ornaments.I liked the front seats - the contours are bright and is only suitable reinforcement. The driving position, too, is significant - you do not have to stretch unnecessarily for the pressure point on the clutch pedal and shift lever falls intuitively hand. Still, it's not quite perfect and the addition of adjustable telescopic steering would have been ideal.

It is that the rear seats are disappointed with its flat back and base is such that it provides little support under the thigh. The dimensional challenge and packaging here to be a car sub-four meters is reflected when two individuals 6ft tall one sitting behind the other - there is no room for knees limited to the one on the back and movement is quite limited. The transmission tunnel prevents three people to share space in the back seat for long. It is not a place where you can sit like this for hours.Trunk space is enough for a car of its size and shaped well, too. Suspension assemblies not stand much useless to boot and load the edge is quite low - always a good thing. The 60/40 folding rear seats completely flat severable add more flexibility to the cabin.The Vitara Brezza leads as a rear window of confidence. A bit insensitive outside the center, the steering response gets better when working around corners and pick up speed, but the feeling is only moderate at best. It would have been nice to have a system that has a little heavier with the speed gradually. In its natural habitat - city traffic, that is - not much to complain about. What adds more to the experience is the appropriate size of the wheel itself. While it may not be as great as, for example, the Tata Tiago, but a good size no less, and it feels good to hold. The gearshift is slick and feels well lubricated through the sprockets.

The monocoque construction of the Vitara tense Brezza character gives a direct sense for the car. The suspension is a bit on the stiff side - it is quite competent at triple-digit speeds, but at the limit of compression, the car tends to be a bit nervous. On the roads of the city of infested bumps, potholes absorption is not as flattering. The walk is not cottony, but to be fair to the car, do not torture cheek-by any measure. It's just that the car is stirred enough to suggest that drove over an undulation whenever it does, and that can be annoying at times. The ZDI + MIC leading wine carrying 215 section tires on 16-inch wheels that gripped well enough, but lower settings come with close 205 section tires making grip levels and direction will be slightly different compared.The 89bhp, 200 Nm, 1.3-liter diesel engine is no show-stopper here. It works with enthusiasm in the middle range, but below 1,800rpm, the need to get to a lower gear and above 120 clicks, you start feeling winded feel.

After all the hype and buzz, Maruti hit him with the hammer prices Vitara introduction of Brezza - has a cost of Rs 6.99 lakh to 9.68 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi. The Vitara Brezza get the air bag driver side as standard, plus there's an option to upgrade to the air bag on the passenger side and ABS-EBD with each trim level. Other trendy items like rain sensor, camera reverse parking, the projector headlights, Apple carplay, navigation and music playback through all kinds of systems, from streaming Bluetooth, USB, are also mentioned in the list of features. It even has cruise control! The Brezza Vitara is a well rounded without serious impediments to their placement and the intended target segment vehicle. The Vitara Brezza has had such an impact that Ford, as a corrective measure, reactive, yesterday announced a massive price reduction for EcoSport - diesel model, which is comparable to diesel only Vitara Brezza, now retailed between 7.29 lakh ex Delhi 9.75 lakh, painfully close to the fresh new Maruti here.


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