Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry and players: Tim Sweeney Epic

  Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry and players

 Microsoft is moving against the entire PC industry and players: Tim Sweeney Epic

Tim Sweeney at Microsoft in its recent initiative of the universal platform of Microsoft Windows (UWP). The founder of Epic Games Microsoft attacked in an article written in The Guardian talking about how Microsoft is trying gradually to take full control by introducing a blocked UWP ecosystem.

He will say that "They're limiting the freedom of users to install the entire PC software, and subvert the rights of developers and publishers to maintain relation with customers.

  It is not against the development of the Windows Store, but Microsoft break the rules in their favor. "My view is that joint selling is a valuable practice that benefits users, and my review is limited to Microsoft structuring your operating system to favor their own shop while unfairly disadvantage competing app stores, as well as developers and publishers that distribute games directly to their customers. ".
We to continue making improvements for developers ecosystem, for example, in updating Windows 10 November enabled people to load side default applications easily without ux."windows is the best platform to do platform development regardless of the technologies used, and provide tools to help developers with existing code bases HTML / JavaScript, .NET and Win32, C + + and Objective-C code bring your Windows, and integrate only reach all devices in Windows 10, but you can now use a large percentage of your C # code to offer a fully native experience of mobile applications for iOS and Android. We have also posted a blog recently."

While the move will simplify things for consumers, game developers would be looking for an environment with Microsoft blocked approve things for them. This in turn could well be the end of the PC as a gaming platform or could sow the seeds of a new gaming platform, one that does not require input from Microsoft, but it is in charge of game developers themselves. Microsoft already lost in the smartphone race with Windows 10, PC games could be next?


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