Paperless Passport Application : Your Smartphone Could Be Your Passport

 Paperless Passport

paperless passport application : Your Smartphone Could Be Your Passport

Forgot your passport on the way to the airport? Relax De La Rue, a manufacturer of printer ticket and passport business based in the UK, is working on a technology that can store "passports" paperless smartphones.

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The technology could allow travelers to do without handouts and switch to "passports paperless" that would act similar to mobile boarding passes that allow a tourist to travel through an airport without documents of any kind, reported the Telegraph.

"Paperless Passports are one of the many initiatives we are looking at, but at the moment is a concept that is in the early  as saying.

However, the potential for counterfeiting, global barriers and the distinct possibility of losing the smartphone means that current security challenges major obstacles.

" A new hardware device require for digital passport , in order to safely store the electronic passport, so that can not be copied from the phone," David Jevans of the security company Proofpoint, was quoted as speeking,

" readers passport to connect automatically with wireless, because I do on screen as a ticket QR code can be copied or forged, he added.

The service "passport paperless" is already in mode

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