WhatsApp : Android gets Document Sharing Features

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp update added the feature document sharing, that many of its rivals already have messaging application on Android smartphones.

WhatsApp : Android gets Document Sharing Features

The function of document sharing WhatsApp application allows users to share PDF files only for now. There is no support for .doc, .xls and other file formats.No official word on whether the company will start supporting these.

WhatsApp : Android gets Document Sharing Features

In order to share files, you must click the attachment icon at the top right of the screen in a chat window and click on document option. It opens all PDF files stored on the system, but navigation does not allow you to open specific folders.

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This update, however, has not been released to all users of Android through Google Play. Those who have not yet received the function of document sharing can click on this link and download the installation file directly from the official website.


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