Facebook Active Safety Check After The Flyover Collapse In India

Facebook Activates Safety Check

Facebook Active Safety Check After The Flyover Collapse In India

Facebook has activated its security check function, so that people in Calcutta can let their loved ones know they After The Flyover Collapse.

 Killed 21 people  and dozens injured when part of an overpass that was under construction in the afternoon local time collapsed at a busy intersection in the Indian city of Calcutta on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

More people could be trapped under the rubble, and rescuers using saws, mini cranes and hands seatch for survivors, according to small cthe news agency. Your correspondent reported seeing broken yellow taxis and rickshaws, and legs with blood of people trapped jutting steel beams and fallen concrete.

As the rescue operation was launched, on its Facebook Safety Check, which allows people to locate their relatives in the area affected by the disaster. The check takes people in the area to mark themselves as "safe". It also allows others also make "safe", "unsafe" or "not in the" friends.

Those states security then appear as a notification on Facebook and friends news feed.
The social network has enabled verification during past incidents, including the recent attacks by Brussels.

There have been at least one case in which the security was not working properly. After an explosion in a park in Lahore, Pakistan which killed dozens of Christians celebrate Easter on Sunday, Facebook has activated its security check function. But people who were in the US and U.K., for example, began to receive messages from Facebook to mark safe.


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