How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit : 7 Easy Ways

How To Earn Free Google Play Store

A user of Android smartphone will certainly be aware of the Google Play Store where you can download and install various Android apps on your device. These days, Android powered smartphones are the majority and today is the dominant platform in the digital market. If you are an Android user, you will definitely visit the store Google Play or other some time to download their favorite applications. It is the only platform where you can find all the applications and games for Android. When you look at the phone, apparently thinking of spending money instead of gaining it.

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You should feel grateful that there are plenty of applications found in Google Play Store that can help recover some of the costs. If the application you want to download a free or a paid one, you can download it from Play Store with just one click. It is quite easy to install free applications on your Android device, but need some cash paid or store credit Game. This is the process of making money with Android apps and earn free credit often Google Play. Here's a detailed guide on how to earn free credit Google Play in 7 easy ways. Have a look!

What is Google Play Store credit?

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

Google Play credit is money added a credit / debit cards or Google Play gift. Gift cards can recover quickly from the Web or from your Android device and the good of these credits Google Play is that never expire. First and foremost, Google is an advertising company that is equipped proper orientation with ads clean people.

In this thread, they have launched an application that actually give you real money to spend on Google Play Store if you leave only know your viewpoint on a topic. Not exactly what you would call a lot of money, but at least enough to buy an application or two each month. The gift card can be purchased with discount vouchers that can be used to purchase additional applications and games for Android paid.

How does it work?

1. Add Credits

Just follow the simple steps below to add credits:

  •     Go to
  •     Click the settings icon and go to My Account.
  •     Click Add A credit / debit card or redeem.
  •     If you want to buy credits from Google Play using your credit / debit then enter your card details and simply save it.
  •     If you want to redeem cash then enter the gift card or promotional code.

2. Use credit during checkout

To use the credit for the purchase, just follow the simple steps below:

  •     Go to
  •     Click on the app / game you want to buy.
  •     Click on the "Buy" on the website.
  •     Click Continue.
  •     Choose the payment option or use the amount refunded.
  •     You can also add your card details in this section. Then you can follow the instructions page.

3. review the balance of Play Store

  •     Go to
  •     Click Settings >> My account.
  •     This way you can check your balance payment.

Credit Benefits Google Play Store

  •     Google Play Store have added to your account protects you from the regular hassle of adding balance through their cards.
  •     It provides quick access to download an application and make your payment faster and faster effect.
  •     If you are a frequent downloader payment applications then keep credit added to your account is fairly safe and crucial.

Simple Ways to Win Free Google Play credit

Here are the 7 best and simplest ways to win a free Google Play credit. Check out the different ways to make money through credit Google Play on your Android mobile:

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an official application developed by Google Consumer Surveys. It is a definite alternative to obtain credit from Google Play Store, where it is not necessary to add only money or buy any gift card to add it. The rewards view Google sends you free surveys once every week you have to answer them and receive up to $ 1.00 in credits Play Store. The survey questions will be quite relevant and accessible.

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The rewards view Google will send a notification when a survey is ready for you and the credit will be transferred to your account Play Store at the end of it. This credit is almost equivalent to the free google play money. The application comes free of cost and is compatible with every Android phones and tablets.

How Google Opinion Rewards works?

Here is the complete work procedure view Google rewards, including installation, creation of new account and make a survey. Check it out!

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards

First, head to the Google Play Store, then search for and install Google Opinion Rewards.
How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

Step 2: Create a Profile

  •     After installing Google rewards opinion, you have to start the application. Once you start the application, you will receive a brief introduction about the application.
  •     You can simply turn this introduction part simply by tapping the jump button.

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

  • The application will ask you to provide some information about yourself.
  • The purpose of this is to receive information from demographic data that relates to the surveys that include your age group, postal code, sex, language, etc.

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

  • Google Opinion Rewards will ask you to accept occasional surveys so you can choose between the options.
  • Once the profile is created you can head to the dashboard application where you can see your Google Play credit history and reward.
  • When any survey is available, you will be notified about it that can be seen on the Google Opinion Rewards dashboard.

Step 3: Take a survey

  •     Once you are done with creating a profile, you will be taken to the main menu of the application.

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

  • You will be greeted by a superposition to explain how you will be notified when a survey is available for you.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss this overlap, and see your Opinion Rewards dashboard.
  • From now on, just answer the survey questions as genuinely as possible. If this were a survey of pay, your Google Play account is credited the payment to the completion of the survey.

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

  •     You can check your balance on the menu. They use it to buy goods store game.

2. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is another best app that rewards free gift cards not only for Google Play but also Amazon, Xbox, Spotify, Starbucks, Skype, etc. It is the best application that helps you win free credits Google Play. This application provides loans only try new free applications and games and allows you to redeem your credits for free gift cards.

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

Getting free credit game with FreeMyApps google?

  •     FreeMyApps install Play Store.
  •     Download and play new applications and free games.
  •     You can earn credits just try these applications and games.
  •     Redeem their credits for free gift cards.

3. Free Gift Cards app

Free gift cards is one of the best applications that offers free credit Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, Paypal and more. This application offers several deals you need to complete before

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 getting their reward. With Free gift cards, you can earn points by running applications in Point offers, watching videos on the Point offers inviting your friends to try Free Gift Cards and log in implementing every day.
How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

Get Free Game Credit card free gift

  •     First, install the free application of gift cards Play Store.
  •     complete offers for credit free play.
  •     Now, redeem awards points.
  •     Then you can invite friends and earn points.

4. AppNana

AppNana is one of the most popular applications offer free rewards credit Google Play Store, Amazon, PayPal, Xbox, iTunes, etc. This application allows you to test the application for free and redeem gift cards to use them. Applications must be opened after installation so you can earn points.
How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

How earn free credits of Google Play with AppNana?

  •     AppNana install Play Store.
  •     Download free apps to earn rewards.
  •     Get your points and redeem them for gift cards.
  •     Get 400 points every day to log on to the application regularly.

5. JunoWallet

JunoWallet is another alternative application that offers rewards and gift cards. With JunoWallet you can earn credits by playing games, watching videos, surveys, make calls and inviting your friends. JunoWallet also offers gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, Ebay, and many other stores.

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

How to get store credit JunoWallet free game?

  •     JunoWallet install Play Store.
  •     Sign the application using your Facebook account or email.
  •     Download some applications or complete some surveys to get your free credit.
  •     By getting some credits, go to the store and collect your reward.

6. cubic Reward

Cubic reward offer free gift cards to play the most popular applications and games on your Android device. With these credits you can buy applications or games Play Store with a very easy and simple process. The cubic rewards is a secure application and allows you to run any application very smooth and fast.

Getting credit codes free play with cubic reward?

  • First, install Reward cubic Google Play Store.
  • Now you can browse and download applications and games.
  • You need to run these applications and games to earn reward points.
How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

  •     Earn credits to refer the application cubic Reward your friends.
  •     Earn bonus points for everyday use application and join the daily events.
  •     Redeem credits to earn cash or free gift cards.

Cubic reward offered free credits also for Amazon, iTunes, PayPal, Starbucks, Tango and more.

7. Tap Cash Rewards

How To Earn Free Google Play Store Credit :  7 Easy Ways

Tap Cash Rewards is a simple and efficient application that will let you earn credit codes. As in other applications, you need to download free applications and games to earn points and redeem gift cards. You can earn credits with Google Play store and, PayPal, Freecharge, Skype and several others.

How you cash rewards Tap works?

  •     First, install the application Tap Cash Rewards Play Store.
  •     Download the latest games and applications through cash rewards Tap.
  •     Now you can play these free games and run applications to complete the offer and earn credits.
  •     Once you earn enough credits, you can use these credits to redeem gift cards or cash prizes.
  •     You can even invite your friends and earn more credits.

These are seven different ways to earn credits easily Google Play. I hope this list of applications lets you know how to earn free credit Google Play in the above forms. Earn more and more money!


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