Moto X Force Review


 Moto X Force Review

smartphone screens are fragile, expensive and downright depressing when broken. We have heard countless stories of how the smallest decline has broken a screen, followed by the anguish of having to spend a lot of money for repairs and then having to live with a "fixed" smart phone. According to Motorola's own statistics, 51 percent of smartphone users have broken or cracked its display at some point.

Manufacturers have tried to do their part to make such damages less annoying for customers such as Samsung offer a replacement screen once during the first year of purchase. In addition, Apple may soon accept phones with broken screens as part of their exchange program. While these may be a comfort to victims of a broken screen, why not dream better?

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That's where the Rs. Moto X Force enters 49,999. The phone comes with what the company calls a 'ShatterShield' screen, and Motorola assures buyers that the phone screen is 'Unbreakable'. It is designed to take a pounding, including being dropped onto hard surfaces from the heights and angles that would lead to open cracks through the screen of a typical smart phone, and shivers down the spines of smartphone owners said . Motorola more backups warranty with a four-year warranty on the screen, which covers accidental damage. And above all, it is a flagship smartphone with all the bells and whistles you expect to see. the 'Unbreakable' Motorola Moto X Force is reviewed.

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Look and feel

the current line of Motorola smartphone tends to stick to a look of formulas, and the Force Moto X continues this trend. The name of Moto X now has four models of the current generation: the Moto X (2nd generation), Moto X Play, Style Moto X and Moto X Force. They all have a look and a similar style. However, the Moto X Force, being the flagship, has a little more at stake than the rest.

 Moto X Force Review

The main differences are visible in the back, with the "ballistic nylon 'rear panel saw for the first time last year Moto Turbo (Review | Pictures). A key to this advantage is that the rear panel of the phone is effectively resistant scratch, and looks pretty good. at the top are the camera, flash and Motorola logo. it's a beautiful look that goes well with the rest of the device.

Although the edges are a little sharp, the Force Moto X is still easy to hold, thanks to the natural grip nylon back offers. However, thanks to the large and heavy frame screen, the device feels heavy and difficult to use with one hand.

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The framework is entirely metal, and feels more sturdy. On the right are the power and volume keys, the bottom has a micro-USB port and a normative text, while the top has the Nano-SIM tray and microSD and 3.5mm. The front has two speaker grilles on the bottom, along with the flash, earpiece and front camera at the top. No capacitive function keys, phone keys depend instead on the screen, similar to the current Nexus range of smartphones. There is also no fingerprint sensor, which can be a put-off for many users, taking into account the price of Moto X Force.

The phone screen is 5.4 inch AMOLED screen 1440x2560 pixels with a density of 540ppi and 69.8 percent ratio screen body in the front. It has a slightly warm tone, but is bright when it comes to colors and brightness. Black levels are really great, and the phone tends to bring out the best in high-resolution videos. As expected, it is also very sharp, and is difficult to detect individual pixels, even when viewed up close. At this price, however, it is expected that no less.

We come now to the key feature of the Force Moto X, the 'Unbreakable' screen. The screen is made with a rigid aluminum core, flexible AMOLED screen, and two layers of the touch panel (which is a redundancy in case one goes wrong). Along with solid metal structure, this gives the phone the protection you need to keep the screen shatter when dropped or put under pressure. We tested the durability of the background screen, and despite multiple drops at different angles and different heights, which in fact does not break. The Moto X Force is also waterproof and can handle getting a little wet. We are happy to say that Motorola has put his money where his mouth with it.

However, let's be completely clear that while the screen actually seems to 'Unbreakable', the rest of the phone is not built as excessive abuse. The framework scratches easily, and too many drops can even dislodge the nylon panel at the rear. We also began to hear minimal distortion speaker we had not heard before. Although most of the phone's internal components are solid state and can take some abuse, that does not mean that the phone as a whole is indestructible, and are still advised to take reasonable measures. Having said this, it remains one of the most durable, resistant and solid phones we've ever used.

Specifications and software

When a smartphone costs about Rs. 50,000, there are some clear expectations from the spec sheet that the Moto X Force honors, with high-end guts. On the smart phone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, which is currently the flagship smart phone SoC Qualcomm. There are also 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB, either internal storage. Note that the option of 64 GB costs a little more at Rs. 53999, and you can add expandable storage up to 2 TB theoretical, although the current highest capacity microSD card is 200 GB.

 Moto X Force Review

The smartphone single SIM also supports 4G connectivity, with support for FDD-LTE and LTE-TDD bands currently used by operators in India. The phone has a 3760mAh non-removable battery, and comes with a massive 25W charger. Along with fast charging technology from Qualcomm, this ensures that the phone can go from zero to 100 percent in less than an hour, which is incredibly useful. The only problem we had with the charger is that it has a detachable USB cable, so you will need a separate cable to connect the X-Moto Force to a PC. The phone also supports wireless charging, but will have to buy a separate accessory for this. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. The phone is truly full load and fairly future proof.

The Moto X Force runs Android 5.1.1 out of the box, with a slightly modified Android Motorola securities in the top version. This is a great disappointment, as users would expect a company like Motorola to launch its new flagship phone with the latest version of Android. Although we can expect software updates, no official word on when for the moment. The user interface is more or less identical to stock Lollipop, while updating the default Google Now Launcher marshmallow-esque brings some changes to the interface.

Update February 21: Our review unit of Moto X Force has received over the air update to Android 6.0, and is now running the latest version of the operating system. Changes include Doze mode, pending application, links and permissions, abiltiy expandable storage for use as internal memory, Now cover, Do Not Disturb and more.

As in the Nexus and Nexus 5X 6P, the software and the interface it is pretty basic and without too many frills. This helps in performance and Moto X Force is an absolute flier and a pleasure to use. The only real differences compared to Android values ​​are small additions of Motorola for the software, including Connect application that allows you to use your phone with Motorola accessories and connected devices, applications dedicated to the gallery and messaging, and excellent Moto application that controls the voice of Moto, Moto Display, tools and Moto Shares.

Once configured, you can set the phone to react to a command personalized voice, the voice assistant will open. This can be used to tell the phone to do anything from conducting searches of Google to make calls, send messages and open particular applications. Speech recognition is fantastic, and the application works excellently. In addition, you can give voice commands even from standby, and this makes it incredibly easy to use the phone without using your hands.

You can also set Assist, which uses the phone's sensors to understand when you are sleeping or running and optimize phone during these activities. It is also can be set to recognize certain actions to activate the flashlight or a camera, or to activate Moto Show when it comes to reach the phone. Moto screen itself is excellent, using the AMOLED screen to activate only partially and show notifications without having to unlock the phone. All these actions work perfectly to activate its functions, and this makes the Moto X Force incredibly intuitive and easy to use.


The Moto X Force has a main 21 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and tones variable focus, and a front 5 megapixel camera with flash LED monotone and fixed focus. The rear camera can record up to 4K-resolution video at 30 fps, while the front camera records video to full HD resolution. The rear camera is also capable of recording video at 720p slow camera.

 Moto X Force Review

The camera application is a bit difficult to use, so we believe it is an oversimplification transfer functions. There is no dedicated capture button; instead, simply touch anywhere on the screen or press one of the volume keys to capture photos. The buttons in the bottom corners allow you to switch between the front and rear camera, and record videos. There are no other controls on the screen, but can pose some sliding from left to right controls. This menu allows you to control HDR, flash, focus and exposure, the relationship of image and video resolution, among other things. Swiping from right to left leads to the gallery, while sliding up and down to control the zoom. Often we accidentally release the shutter when we were trying to swipe or attempt to control the focus and exposure, and lack of optical image stabilization meant we had to compose our shots carefully and frequently shoot in burst mode for good results.

The camera itself is great, as long as they have taken the trouble to compose the shot properly and kept your steady hand. Even a little movement has a tendency to ruin images, so care is recommended shot. Once you get it right, the Moto X Force will produce excellent sharp, detailed and brilliant images with vibrant colors. The front camera also has good images, and the presence of a flash makes it possible to achieve great autofotos even in dark spaces.

The videos are excellent regardless of how to shoot, and 4K and slow motion video are both naturally entertaining to watch. Low light images are also decent, and close-ups are among the best we've seen. The camera is more or less on par with the Nexus 6P, and is only brought down by the cunning of the software and the need for a firm hand.


 Moto X Force Review

Given that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC is one of the best in the world, the performance of the Force Moto X is fantastic. As mentioned above, the interface skeleton and performance-tuned software play an important role in this, like the 3 GB of RAM. Whether loading web pages, games or videos encoded to run largely Force Moto X works flawlessly. resource heavy applications such as camera, popular social media platforms, Whatsapp and Netflix work perfectly well. Overall, we found that the Moto X Force did not quite perform as well as the Nexus 6P, but it certainly came close.

Benchmark results are incredibly high, so, with the Moto X Force registering tens of 81,822 and 36,667 on AnTuTu and Quadrant respectively. These scores are considerably higher than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 6P and S6 Edge (Review | Pictures), and are a little higher than the similarly-specced Leeco Le Max (Review | Pictures) managed well. 3DMark GFX Bank and unlimited ice storm also returned high scores of 40fps and 24,698, respectively.

The Moto X Force has a strong antenna, and is able to stay in both networks Wi-Fi and 4G with ease, where other phones fought. call quality was excellent, like audio performance through both headphones and the internal speakers. However, the stereo effect was a bit lacking, since the speakers are next to each other. Battery life is excellent as well, with the phone running for 14 hours, 42 minutes in our video loop test. Even in day to day use, the battery easily lasted through the day despite intensive including 4G connectivity.


The Moto X Force is certainly a force to be reckoned among smartphones. This is a powerhouse of a smartphone with good looks, excellent display, great performance and excellent camera. Above all, it has a unique feature that is currently exclusive to it: the Moto X screen Force is truly shatterproof, and as a result, the phone can take a pounding like no other. If you have a habit of dropping the phone many times or have had to deal with expensive repair bills mobile phones in the past, you should seriously consider the Moto X. Force

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Unfortunately, these features have a considerable price. Despite the obvious advantages of shatter-proof construction and high-end specifications and performance, Rs. 50,000 is too much money to pay for an Android phone. In addition, the lack of dual-SIM connectivity and a fingerprint sensor can be a put-off for many, so the Moto X Force is not as perfect as it seems. However, it remains one of the most innovative and interesting smartphones we've used, and one who lives full of their claims.

 Moto X Force Review

MOTOROLO MOTO X FORCE                          Rs.49999


 Moto X Force Review

Amazon Rs.34999



unbreakable screen
Excellent design and construction
good camera
big screen
Special software and performance
Battery duration


    Runs Android 5.1 out of the box
the capacity of a single SIM
No fingerprint sensor

   Keyboard Specifications 

        inch screen  :   5.40            front camera : 5megapixel           processor   1.5GHz

        resolution    :   1440x2560 pixels    RAM  :  3 GB                 operating system  : Android 5.1.1

       storage : 32 GB                   rear camera : 21 megapixel         Battery capacity : 3760mAh


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