The World's First Wireless Smart earphones

Wireless Smart earphones

The World's First Wireless Smart earphones

Bragi have just introduced something that could make your workout, your trip and probably much smarter whole day.

People listen to music while all sorts of things done, so it is likely to have the smart earphones at the ready at a given time. But these headphones could be greatly improved, which is where we have created the first series of the world of wireless smart earphones.

The amount of technology built into these small devices is quite impressive; they are more like small microcomputers headphones, although are much less annoying than you can expect. Bragi was important to create smart earphones device that is effective and impressive, but not at all bulky. This makes them easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing.

And the best news of all is that this is just the beginning.

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Ultimate Wireless Smart earphones

The board comes with 4 GB of storage, which means that an additional device for your music is not necessary. You can store up to 1,000 songs on their own. But if you need more songs in your life, you can seamlessly stream music from your phone via Bluetooth and will still sound amazingly clear. There will be no irregular signal interrupt your listening.

The smart earphones also have optical touch controls on the outside, so no need to take any external device in order to access the functions. You can browse through music or check your training progress by pressing and sliding the face of  smart earphones. This ease of access means that you do not even have to take your eyes off what you're doing skip a song or an update.

The World's First Wireless Smart earphones

Image: Bragi

So music is not the only reason to get on board with the script. Listen can be everything you do with your current set of smart earphones, but these are meant to be more like a personal assistant than a set of speakers for your ears.

For example, the storage capacity of the components and make these wireless headset accessory optimal exercise. Rejoice at the thought of never fumbling with your phone wires or get all sweaty.

With 23 sensors in each ear, the script can keep track of your heart rate and other physical parameters analyzed, while getting in shape. It will count your steps and give feedback to live while going through your workout.

Water resistant hardware is an added bonus for anyone who choses swimming as your way to stay in shape. Never before swimmers had the luxury of listening to music underwater, but the board changes the game completely. (This feature is also very useful for anyone who wants to run in the rain, or if you get caught in a downpour during the trip.)

You can even choose to hear the noise of the world around him, or completely block, by sliding your finger. This is great for your approach, while exercising or if you are trying to concentrate in a noisy office. But if you want to be more aware of your surroundings, you have the option of keeping background noise audible.

The World's First Wireless Smart earphones

Image: Bragi

What is the path Dash

At this time, it is an excellent set of smart earphones with cutting-edge features, but are configured to be much more than that. Bragi think about this first iteration of the dashboard as the first of a series of smart earphones.
hardware and board design leaves plenty of room for growth as the software improves, so will be much more capacity and functionality of this device in the future.

For example, the team Bragi is an image of a movement away from a monitoring process based fitness numbers. In the future, they would like to introduce a more qualitative method. They want the software the ability to act more like a personal assistant than a fancy calculator.

Users may be able to introduce a specific goal, such as running a half marathon, and the script would act as a coach. If the pace was too fast, the smart earphones would tell him to take it down a bit so you can avoid injury, while ensuring that finish your workout without being too exhausted. Conversely, if you were not making good time, the device could say to accelerate what can be motivated to reach your goal.

Bragi is also working on software that could allow you to control the board by moving the different parts of your body. For example, jump can activate the function skips a song in the playlist. The incorporation of interactive physical commands would make immersive experience for users who want even more unique.

These are just a couple of possibilities for innovative smart earphones. However, the Dash is still in its infancy. There is much potential for growth, especially if more developers can get involved. Bragi is a slow setting to make sure that everything goes well paced, but there are great things on the way. The Dash is already an impressive array of microcomputers that can fit in your ears, but only imagine where they will be like five years down the line.  

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