Volvo Updates Prices For All Models Of India

 Volvo Updates Prices

Volvo Updates Prices For All Models Of India

Volvo India has Announced a review of prices across ITS full range of vehicles from the entry-level premium hatchback V40, XC90 up to the flagship SUV. The other models Have seen an upward review of prices ex-showroom prices rising by 3 percent, while Certain models Also Have seen a substantial reduction in Their prices. Prices for the S60 Cross Country Launched recently will REMAIN 38.90 lakh, Although unchanged (ex-showroom, Delhi). The new prices are effective on April 1, 2016.

Volvo input models in India Have seen a substantial reduction in prices, better access Allowing prospective buyers to the Swedish brand. The Volvo V40 Cross Country D3 have seen a massive enrollment reduction in price of 3,04,000; Kinetic while the S60 has received a price cut of 1,51,000. The Volvo S60 Momentum is now at 24,000. On  the other side the  price rise from 68,000 up to 2.50 lakh.

Volvo Auto India in a statement Said That the price rise is due to the tax rules recently in the 2016 Budget Proposed Union in cars . The company Conveyed That the scale of efficiency improvements Have Helped the automaker to reduce costs in some models, and as a result, you have passed on the benefit to customers.

Volvo V40

Volvo Updates Prices For All Models Of India

Speaking at the repricing, managing director of Volvo Auto India, Tom von Bonsdorff said:. "The budget esta year has forced us to re-look at pricing in order to Provide the best in class products to our customers at the same time, we are pleased to offer significant price Reductions in Kinetic S60, S60 and V40 Momentum Cross Country D3 variants without compromising the inscription features and specification levels. Have efficiencies of scale to reduce costs and allowed THEREFORE passes the discount on the price of our customers. "

Having the S60 field through Launched This Year Earlier, Volvo India now introduces the new V40 Cross Country and V40 facial esta year later stretches, and will be followed by the new S90 sedan is expected to arrive Which around the holiday season. The automaker Continues to make STI models through the CBU route.

Prices for Volvo model range (ex-showroom, Delhi):

Volvo Model Range
Old Prices New Prices
V40 D3 Kinetic 24,75,000 25,49,250
V40 R-Design 27,70,000 28,53,100
V40 Cross Country D3 Inscription 32,50,000 29,45,800
V40 Cross Country T4 Petrol 26,50,000 27,29,500
S60 Kinetic 32,40,000 30,88,970
S60 Momentum 35,25,000 35,00,070
S60 Inscription 38,35,000 39,03,700
S60 R-Design 40,25,000 41,71,500
S60 Cross Country Inscription  - 38,90,000
S60 T6 Petrol 42,00,000 43,26,000
XC60 Kinetic 43,50,000 44,80,500
XC60 Momentum 46,60,000 47,99,000
XC60 Inscription 50,20,000 51,70,600
XC60 R-Design 52,00,000 53,56,000
XC90 Momentum 68,90,000 70,96,700
XC90 Inscription 77,90,000 80,23,700


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