Whatsapp Tricks 2016 You May Not Know

 11 Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp Tricks 2016 You May Not Know


We've put together some tips for service favorite of all instant messaging. Time to heal the blue sign curse ...
Which he caused a furor WhatsApp with a color change in their double ticks.

Last update confirms what we have always suspected (but never bothered to confirm) all the time - that is, that ticks represent when your messages are delivered, and confirm that they have been read.

On the other hand, this incident also inspired us to dig deeper, and have gathered a lot of features that are hidden in the nooks and crannies of WhatsApp.

Get ready to level up your instant messaging attributes:


We know what it is. You are in practice figure skating, her phone ringing, and you check out for a brief moment before nailing a spectacular triple axle.

Sometimes you only have time for a quick look, taking a little time to formulate a response as you continue with the rest of our days. Ideally, without the sender he realizes that actually appeared in the message five hours, because otherwise you might think that we are ignoring. That is the privilege of the blue remove ticks.
Recently, however, the chat application has realized the error of their ways and quietly come up with a solution. Freedom of messages kneading is our new.

How: Users can only access through privacy settings and disable read receipts. However, this feature is only available for Android users who are in all the new beta version of the application.

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If you're so desperate however, you have to download the beta and head to Android phone configuration, allow unknown sources to install the APK file because it is not in the Google Play store yet.
There, now is the time to iron out the kinks in their friendships blue ticks have caused. The rest of us will just have to wait for a future update.

Whatsapp Tricks 2016 You May Not Know

2. See when your messages READ

Think double blue ticks are the worst that could happen to relationships and Last seen? Think again. Here's another way you could annoy your peers.

In addition to finding the exact time your messages are delivered, you can also choose to see the exact moment that your message was read if you decide to go with ticks.

How: Go to any of your conversations WhatsApp, hold any of the messages sent in that talk, followed by the Information option. For iOS users, you can drag to the left to reveal a window that displays the time that your message has been delivered and subsequently read.

It works for group messages also in the list window the time each participant read the message.

3. tied to your NUMBER

If you are a foreigner and a new SIM card data is obtained, no need to go through the hassle of registering the new number attached to the SIM card and faff around add contacts. WhatsApp just keep using your regular number.

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How: When you put your new SIM and activate in WhatsApp, you will be asked for the courier to register the new number. But in doing a mess to your contact list it is made. Just ignore the pop-up or cancel, and WhatsApp should work related to the number of age, while the use of its new data SIM card.

4. Sending messages PUBLIC PRIVATE

If you have a generic announcement to make - an invitation to a barbecue weekend or intervention on the unhealthy obsession of his friend KFC - and do not want to do it in the largemouth platform it is Facebook, this feature works in very the same way as BCC-ing of people in an email.

Your recipients receive the message as if it were a being made privately, without paying attention to the fact that you have sent exactly the same invitation to other 342 people. Sincerity? What is that?
How: In the upper left corner of the window WhatsApp chats, just below the search bar, you will notice a distribution lists. Click on it to the option of creating a new list of contacts that you want the message to go to, and the message away as you normally would.

5. A backup

Concerned about the loss of value of the messages of a year? You do not have to. WhatsApp know how precious chat history is for you and ensures all for you in the cloud.
How: iPhone users have the option to copy your chat history in iCloud automatically on a daily / weekly / monthly schedule. If you have selected only chat histories you want, click the chat you want, then the user name email and eventually the conversation with yourself.

Android users the file is located in the folder WhatsApp on your phone. Make sure the file, which is located in WhatsApp> Databases and msgstore.db.crypt7 name is copied and transferred to the exact same folder if you wipe your phone or get a new Android device.

6. Shortcuts to TALKS

If there are certain people with whom you chat most frequently, it might be a good idea to create a shortcut for them directly on the home screen so you do not have to keep opening and closing of WhatsApp.
How: Hold the (group or individual) chat of your choice and a tab opens. Select the Add shortcut and chat conversation in question appear as the person her profile photo on the mobile desktop. Unfortunately, this only applies to users of Android and not the iPhone. Sorry guys.


When you are on a data plan of 1 GB, MB each account. You do not want to be slapped with a hefty bill at the end of the month may not send stupid memes can be shared and screenshots of every little thing. There is a way to ensure that everything the high-strength image send are not limited data courtesy could have on your eating plan.

How: Go to Settings, then click Chat Settings and then automatically download and adjust settings for how you want the received media to be downloaded. Select Wi-Fi if you do not want to overload your data plan. Alternatively, it may cause downloads manually changing the automatic download Never. You can also save the hassle of having to clean up the camera occasionally by deforming the media incoming Keep out.


As WhatsApp becomes the go-to application for more and more people chat, the likelihood that the decision of the group is carried away more too. So if you are always being added to new groups (which social butterfly, you) chat full of strangers, you may want to keep certain private details until these strangers become friends.

How: Head to Settings, Privacy, and then adjust your last seen, profile photos and status to retain some mystery. Choose to share with everyone or just your contacts, or none at all. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about hiding your phone number.


We are all in at least a few groups at a given chat created because someone (probably the administrator of the group) was dull moment. People tend to overzealous in chats, especially because WhatsApp allows group conversations with up to 50 participants. Who has not awakened to the horror of more than 100 unread messages fed by a night of boredom?

How: To keep you from being awakened by the constant lighting of the screen of your smartphone, you can (a) or turn over and yourphone ignore it or (b) Mute the offending chat group. Tap the chat group of your choice, then the Group name to display information, where the option to mute the chat for eight hours a week or a year. Alternatively, you can leave it altogether.


Not all chat groups are the same, as some are filled with nothing but white noise. And it is exactly the chat group you want to ignore until you get some time to sift through all that has been said. On the other side, there are the chat group you want to be aware of the dinner plans as decisive for the night and so on. Here's how you can receive notifications selectively.

How: Go to significant groups chat, touch the name to display information Group and then custom notifications. There, you can select a custom alert message for chat groups of their choice. All you have to do now is remember what alert tone that you assigned to which group chat. This customization is only applicable for chat groups yet.

11. find out the truth about his friend is

 We've all been a victim of that "on the road" lie when the person in question is still in bed. To prevent you from ever being duped once again insist that the contact share your current location with you tap the arrow icon next to the text box and then Share Location. There is also a way to prevent them from entering your location manually.

How: The way that the location shown is a clue. If it is a true location based on GPS, share location will appear as a pin drop, but is entered, place your address will appear next to the fallen pin. Feel free to call out on it.

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