TOP 3 Whatsapp Tricks Online

TOP 3 Whatsapp Tricks Online

Today we are back with these new tricks WhatsApp Android and iPhone users as well, these 3 best  tricks is really favorite.In this tutorial I'll tell you some tips and tricks Whatsapp fresh, you should try on your Android or iPhone device.
So in this tutorial, we tell you some fresh and  more popular and trends Top 3 Tricks- Today we are back with these new top 3 tricks  Android and iPhone users as well, these 3 best tricks is really favorite. for all who tried them. In this tutorial I'll tell you some tips and tricks  fresh, you should try on your Android or iPhone device. Whatsapp is that most of the Messaging application trends these days. Everyone can use WhatsApp to chat with friends and family. If you are crazy about Tips and Tricks, then read this message until the end, to check Whatsapp latest tips and tricks that can be used on your device and get a good eye on your friends. We have shared best and 100% working interest in this position. best tips and tricks, you should try on your device. WhatsApp tips and tricks in this post, which can be used in everyday life and make it fresher and smarter your WhatsApp.

TOP 3 Whatsapp Tricks Online

# 1 How to read WhatsApp messages without opening them:

If you are using WhatsApp on your device, and want to read  messages without opening it, then you can use the application listed below. You can read the  messages without blue ticks, showing your online status with the help of this application. This is really very surprising feature of this application, which can be read anonymous messages from your friends. Also Read : Application name is SSH Whatsapp, you can easily download from Google Play Store for free.
  1. First download SHH Whatsapp- Download now
  2. Yeah!! Now you see your all new messages on the screen simply read them without knowing his friend who is online.
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# 2 How to Activate Talks head Whatsapp

To enable Chat Heads in their Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger application, then you can use this application, I mentioned below. It will be much easier to read  messages with the help of Heads of Chat. With the help of this application, you can read Whatsapp messages pop-up on the screen, such as This application will not change their last state seen or online, even after reading messages with the help of this application. Facebook Messenger application. A disadvantage of using this application is that you can only read messages from this application may not respond to messages of this application. Read below how.

# 3 How to set the untrimmed Whatsapp profile pictures:

Whatsapp massenger App we all know about this application is an application for Android phones, giving instant service massage without any problems and it really is better than other applications such as the walk is also good, but there was a problem with application, it is when establishing profile picture  suddenly asked to cut really hate this function if the user wants to cut that already use the cropped image why WhatsApp ask crop, but today you think is the working solution I so read this post fully know or read how to do this part only. Let's start the top of the 3 whatsapp tricks android. Also Read :
  1. A download #Square Called Droid App [1.5 MB] - Download now

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I hope you enjoy these impressive all WhatsApp android top 3 tips for iPhone users as well, just enjoy every move with WhatsApp and friends every day. keep happy and stay with us every day and thanks for visiting the newworldwidetechnology I hope you like this post please comment below about this entry.


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