Why It Is Not Easy To Switch From Android To IPhone

Why it is not easy to switch from Android to iPhone

Why It Is Not Easy To Switch From Android To IPhone


I wrote a blog post Entitled: "Why my phone will not be an iPhone." I presented Several Reasons Why I would not be giving up my Palm Treo 700p for the Apple device, treats including the poor service voice and data wireless lone pair of Apple, AT & T, and the lack of third-party applications.

The iPhone has obviously come a long way since then. Now you can use on any vehicle. His voice and data quality are stellar. Some of Its built-in applications, Apple: such as pay, are best in class. There are 1.5 million applications created by outside developers.

I have finally given: My phone is now an iPhone.

And I got there the way many others have: Changing a smartphone based on Android. About six weeks ago, I changed my two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S5 for a new iPhone 6S to better Understand the flagship product of Apple and started a new assignment on the company.

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Faced With growth slowing sales, Apple has millions of people like me to give up Their Android phones, you can buy new for as little as $ 30 in some country clubs, to purchase iPhones, Which cost $ 400 or plus.

"We were shocked by the level switches Android We had last quarter," Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook, Told Wall Street in January. "We see a great opportunity as That."

As Someone who has used since 2010 high-end phones based on Google's Android operating system, I have experienced a rocky transition, like moving to a distant city. The benchmarks are familiar, customs are different, and I miss my old haunts, even as I explore new ones.

Changing phone operating systems theory Should be simple. First the data is transferred is from the old to the new phone. Then reinstall your favorite applications. Finally it lets you customize settings for features: such as ringtones and notifications and learn the Peculiarities of Their new device.

Apple has a detailed guide and a special application to help people change from Android. Also offers assistance in Apple retail stores as well Their as 90 days of free telephone support. Google, Which itself does not sell the phones running Android MOST, you have a website advice for People Who change an apple.

But as I Learned many things can go wrong, and my experience is not unusual.

"You'll Have to go through the Things That are most valuable to you and make sure it is all there," Said Jonathan S. Geller, BGR editor of a technology news site That the phones and write reviews about prep faq frequently change. "For the average consumer, Which is quite frustrating."

This is What Happened When I changed:

Data transfer

The problems started from the beginning. I downloaded the Apple iOS application switching move, my Samsung and paired the two phones. The application got stuck in the middle of data transfer and finally frozen.

Verizon, my mobile operator, offers Its Own method of data transfer calls from Verizon Cloud. I tried, but I Could not get the two phones to synchronize directly. I had a Samsung backup to the cloud, then a download the data to the iPhone.

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A lot of contacts and photos never made it through. It was as if a moving company lost half of ADH my stuff for a haul across the country.

Apple later Told Me I Could have called a toll-free helpline, Went to an Apple store or erase everything and start again. The company loaned me try another iPhone 6S movement iOS app again - and This Time it did transfer my data. But I Could not do half the work: download versions of Apple of my Android applications for the new iPhone.


Like many telephone switches do, i had to manually reinstall my applications. Popular applications: such as Facebook, Amazon and Uber Were easy to find. But some of my classics - Including simple application for public transportation, BART Runner - Were not available for the iPhone, and Have yet to find a perfect substitute.

On the other hand, I can now communicate with my family in FaceTime, the video chat service Apple lost issues and read The New Yorker During long journeys, something That is much harder to do on Android.

Even now I am more likely to get early access to cutting-edge applications, developers Because Americans Tend to build applications for the iPhone for the first time. Last year, for example, when i wanted to try the new application periscope live broadcast of Twitter, i had to borrow my wife's iPhone was not yet Because periscope available for Android.

Look and feel

The most important Difference between iPhone and Android is the level of compliance issued by each company. This is Personal preferences play an Important Where role in customer satisfaction.

Apple exerts great Control over the look, feel and features of iPhones to deliver Their idealized version of what people want to think. Android is free and adaptable way - so much so That the appearance can vary Widely from a phone manufacturer to the next, Especially in Asia.

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One of the Consequences of Apple's approach is That the iPhone is more stable. All Android phones I've used've Always Been hardware and software problems mysterious as random reboots and breaking applications. These Occur much more rarely in IOS.

But Apple's Control Has Its drawbacks. The company manufactures Its Applications for permanent default options for common services,: such as maps, web browsing and email.

Also requires Google phone manufacturers MOST That Make Their initial services to default on Android phones, but Android users can change These defaults. For example, if you do not want to use Google Maps for navigation, you can Automatically Set the phone to access Maps or Waze here every time meets one direction.

In my case, I have a laptop with Windows; my employer, The New York Times, using Google enterprise applications; and WHO rely on Google search technology to find plane tickets, email addresses and old photos stored on my digital various pockets.

To my family and my iPhone data Easier to find, I put my favorite Google apps on my home screen and use them mostly Instead of Apple applications. Google has knitted together so Their iPhone applications use Google's Gmail That browser, Chrome, clicking on a link in an email, calendar and Google use Google Maps When you click on an address.

Final score

Given the headaches of commuting, Most people avoid it.

 Research Partners, Which Surveyed users of smartphones in the US, Said That only About one in five people activate a new iPhone WHO or other platform Android was changing.

Above all, I'm getting more comfortable with my iPhone. I like fingerprint reader and Apple Have finally found a way to align Fingertips With sufficient accuracy to unlock the phone (at Least Most of the Time).


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