Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016

  iPhone Screen Protectors

Best iPhone screen protectors: An iPhone is definitely one of the good-looking smartphones and fascination in the current smartphone market. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not the most durable device in terms of price phone and many other iPhone accessories are very expensive too. Therefore, you just throw down some serious money on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The screen is considerably larger than the previous variants, sure, but it also leaves more real estate that meets the occasional scratch, cut or fall.

The aluminum frame of the device is not concerned with drops too well, and if you are unlucky enough to drop your iPhone in your corner or face which could be left with an iPhone completely destroyed. And considering that it will be one in the morning, while before you can get your hands on the iPhone 7 or may not be know Apple - you may want to keep some precautions to ensure impressive display of your iPhone remains as pristine as possible.

 Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016

One way to combat the problem is to get a screen saver, which should serve to protect your phone from drops and scratches two keys, cash, etc. A protector single screen will suffice for most, especially when combined with the appropriate case, helping to protect your screen, either with a tempered glass or protection full screen costs much less than the price of a monitor replacement. Here, I've rounded up some of the best and freshest screensavers for iPhone that can be purchased to protect the screen of your iPhone. Screen protector , which I mentioned in the list below comes with additional features such as self-healing technology or 3D viewing functionality and more. Have a look!

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1. AutoHeal

The Just Mobile AutoHeal is the most advanced screen protector for iPhone. It is a screen saver tempered glass 2.5S full coverage for your iPhone that is made of intelligent self-healing materials next generation. This screensaver offers something imperceptible unusual namely display technology self-healing. It comes with an advanced fingerprint resistant coating and soft touch dust that makes screen savers sticky-feeling to the dustbin of the past. It also has a handy tab that allows you to align the screen protector against the phone before connecting, allowing you to get an exact fit for the handset without bubbles.

 Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016


As the screen protector reaches all the way up around the curved edges of the iPhone, AutoHeal provides unprecedented impact absorption to help prevent cracks and scratches caused by accidental falls. Technology should repair small scratches on the screen saver, you must have the iPhone look as good as new for a little longer. However, even without self-healing technology, the screen saver is still made of tempered glass and spread the force of impact and keep your iPhone screen from breaking if dropped.


  •     coating anti-fingerprint
  •     It is easy to apply, easy to clean


  •  Anti-healing  does not work sometimes.

2. Sir Lancelot Armor

Sir Lancelot Armor Holy Grail is one of the best and protector screen saver that protects your iPhone from drops and sudden damage. It is made of armored glass 9H is 0.4 mm thick. It is resistant to scratches, but still scratch - or even break - in case of a fall. However, a great job of protecting the screen of your iPhone so that it will not become scratched or broken is made.

 Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016


There is a 30 day money back guarantee so that if something happens to your iPhone screen saver if it is scratched, broken or has other problems, get your money back. It also offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. The great feeling screensaver and durability and design.


  •     No bubbles on the screen
  •     The most protective screen harder


  •     home button feels sunk in because the iPhone screen saver is a bit thicker.
Thus, more or less impressed with how friendly this screensaver feels under his fingers. Although this screen saver can still scratch, you will do an outstanding job in protecting the iPhone screen below.

3. Clear Smart Touch Buttons

The BoxWave ClearTouch SmartButtons is the best screensaver for your iPhone that not only provide additional protection, but also look to level the playing field with Android and Windows devices. It includes the 'Confirm' button for use with hand "return" and, letting users tap the dots to the left or right of the main screen to perform actions that normally require you to reach the top of the screen.
 Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016


It is a captivating concept, but it takes some time to get used to iOS users, although Android users who have made the switch to iOS can enjoy the functionality. BoxWave itthe smart button Clear Touch is also made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness, which has the strongest rating of tempered glass, which should give shock absorption and protection against both scratches and drops.


  •     The clean and simple installation


  •     A poor durability

4. Moshi glass iVisor

Just put in the Moshi iVisor glass screen iPhone and sit relaxed. The iPhone screen is now perfectly safe in the hands of Moshi. This screensaver is surprisingly easy to apply, and because it is a solid screen protector opposition to a sheet, Moshi guaranteed to be free of bubbles. Like the application, removal is so easy, given the supplied suction cup, too, and its robust design is crafted to withstand everything from razor blades hammered.
 Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016


Mimics the responsiveness of the phone screen of the highest precision, and although possibly break if it falls, it is still designed to leave your unharmed phone.


  •     Effortless installation
  •     protection against scratches and stain resistance


  •     It seems that the screen blurry and dim

5. Woosh3D

The screensaver Woosh3D aims to provide 3D functionality to your iPhone through not only 3D content available on YouTube, but also their own videos through a conversion process within the accompanying application. It should provide users with a 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS-esque, and you can customize the level of depth within the application.


Although a screen saver, which is only made of plastic and apparently not protect your iPhone more than minor scratches, but the advantage of this is that it is barely detectable when applied. The packaging doubles as a "wipe" that serves to align and apply the screen protector completely, which is a problem that many users deal with.


  •     Easy to set up and easy to use


  •     It fits for iPhone only 6

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6. Screen Saver Bulletproof

First, I mean not to shoot your iPhone even though it is a screen saver bulletproof. Bulletproof is a metaphorical way - similarly a vest bulletproof protect a police officer, this screensaver tempered glass iPhone must protect your iPhone from scratch. Although it is said, the armor of Sir Lancelot is the claim that is made of bulletproof glass.
 Best iPhone Screen Protectors 2016


In fact, the company is so sure about the screen saver bulletproof offering a lifetime warranty on the product. If your iPhone is broken when used, you should receive some compensation. It's a bit more expensive than other screen savers in this summary, but with a lifetime warranty and bulletproof glass, you are getting value for their money.

Note: In order to prove your claim bulletproof, do not try to shoot your iPhone with this screensaver.


  •     Scratch Proof
  •     It provides lifetime warranty


  •     easily manipulated
  •     Expensive

These are the six best screensavers for iPhone protects the device from cracks, scratches and other damage. I hope this list of top 6 best screensavers help you in the best way to protect the screen of your iPhone. Protect your iPhone!


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