Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

 15 Amazing Things To Do With Facebook Messenger

 Facebook Messenger is a popular form of communication that has been constantly updating itself, since its entry into the application on the market in 2011. If a bank to explore each of the functions, you discover pretty much taken. In short, Facebook Messenger has come out by separating the messaging function of Facebook in a completely different application.

You might consider Facebook Messenger like an application that helps you chat with your friends and nothing more than that. If you think so, then you are thinking absolutely the wrong way. There are surprisingly cool things you did not know Facebook Messenger could probably do.

Messenger is a remarkable little program on their own, and to really shine, is required to stand on its own feet. There's just a lot that could make Facebook Messenger! Here are 15 hidden features in its Facebook Messenger that you never knew you could do with it. Have a look!

   1. Help Your Friends Find You In a Crowd

Are you expecting to meet a lot of people in a public space disconcerting?
  •     Simply tap the "More" button - which looks like three points, "or the location icon at the bottom of the screen.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things
  •  If desired, for example, meet at a nearby restaurant, all you have to do is find the restaurant, then send your friends a map of where it is.
  •     You can also use it to let your friends know exactly where you are if you're running late to meet them. Quite useful, is not it?
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  2. Share Your Location

You can scroll informing a friend where you are, all you have to do is simply ask your friend about your current location after when you once touch the icon "location" which located at the bottom of the screen.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things


 3.Pay Your Roommate

You need to make a payment to your friend? It is not a problem. Facebook Messenger allows with comfort.
For Payments you have to  do simply click on the "three points" and choose "Payments" option. You need to connect a debit card to your account if you are using it to make a payment for the first time.

Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

  •     To make your payment within a conversation, touch the $ symbol on the bottom of the screen.
  •     Enter the amount of money you want to send to your friend, and add information on your debit card.
  •     When your friend adds your debit card information, you will receive cash within three days of receipt.

This is a fast, safe and a heck of a lot easier than trying to break a $ 20 to pay back for a slice of two dollars.

  4.  Add Nicknames

You want to create crazy nicknames for your friends? Well, Facebook Messenger makes it possible.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

  •     After you start the Messenger app on your phone then select the chat thread.
  •     In the configuration screen, you will have nicknames,color and emoji options.
  •    For establishing a weird name to your friend just click on the nicknames option

   5. Color Change For Each Conversation

Fed up Blue Smurfy? Well, click a contact and press "color change". Observe magic. The Messenger Facebook application now allows you to customize the color of bubble chat, to send it to your friend in a single touch just you have to change the name of your friend in chat thread and set a frequently used emoji.
 Initially, the launch of the Messenger app on your phone (either iOS or Android).
  •     Select the chat thread to customize and in the configuration screen, you will have  nicknames, color and      emoji options. Here we select the color option.

Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things
  •     Choosing a color for the bubble in chat thread is quite simple. You choose the color option, and then tap your favorite color in the table.
  •     You have only 15 colors to choose from. This setting is synchronized with devices from other people as well.

    6. Playing Chess In Facebook Messenger

Do you know that the Facebook have been hiding the chess game on the messenger? Fancy a game of chess with his smart-ass partner?
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

Facebook had come to reality by creating a built-in functionality hidden in Facebook Messenger that helps to play chess with friends without to install any other application.

  To play the game just type @fbchess in chat window.

7.  Disable Notification Previews

Imagine you are having a chat with your co-worker how much you dislike your boss and to his surprise, the head begins to read it while the phone remains on the table during a meeting! Well, there would have to aspire?

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If you do not want the content of your messages to appear on lock screen when a friend writes you a message, all you need do is simply convert that compensation. To remove the previews of messages in Facebook Messenger, just follow the steps indicated below:
  •     Go to your Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things
  •     Navigate to the configuration page and rotate a preview Notification OFF.
The next time a friend messages, notification will only show your name on the lock screen instead of displaying the entire message.

    8. Using Messenger Without An Account

You not even need the social networking platform, Facebook to use Messenger. Yes, you heard right. It is possible for you to access Facebook without an account! Just install Messenger and access the system with your phone number!

Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

  •     To use Messenger, only you need mobile and mobile number.
  •     Once you download Messenger, you can start using it by selecting the "No on Facebook?"
  •     Register with your name.
  •     Add your phone number.
  •     Upload a picture.

  9. Get Quick Customer Support

Some brands and companies have integrated Facebook Messenger to allow quick and easy customer access. Just what integration means will differ from company to company, but here's an example: online retailer has Everlane Messenger on your payment page.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

If you decide to opt in, you will get push notifications that will allow access to your shipping information, change your order or place another order within the own Messenger application.

    10. Scribbles On Your Images

Add some flavor to your regular photo. The social network has come up with the first game of the live application called Doodle Draw game. This is an online version of Pictionary you can play with friends in a chat window. Click on the image you want to send and click the "Doodle" button to write a personal message.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

   11. Notifications Of Silence

When group messages out of control, take a timeout alerts and notifications silence. So, you still get messages that can be checked at any time. But your device ringing or buzzing whenever someone writes a message is heard.

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mute notifications from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

  •     To mute notifications for a conversation, open it in Messenger.
  •     Press the names at the top of the message, then click Notifications and select the time period.
  •     You can mute notifications for a certain period of time, like 15 minutes, an hour, eight hours, 24 hours or indefinitely, until you turn off notifications again.

  12. Play Basketball

Do you want to challenge your friend to a quick game of basketball? Facebook has come up with a new update for Messenger that allows you to play a mini-game of basketball with his friend from the conversation window.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

All you need to do is send a basketball Hoop-Emoji to start the game!

   13.  Messenger Use As a Boarding Pass

Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things
Yes, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers its passengers the option to receive flight updates / notifications check-in through Facebook Messenger. Actually at the airport your messenger can be used as a boarding pass .

14. Send Messages To Rndom Cute

Suppose, if your friend is having a bad day and you want him / her to cheer. How could you encourage him?
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

Just write to the @dailycute Messenger chat and instantly grabs an incredibly cute image for you to set!

    15.Save a Cabin Uber

Yes, you do not have to open the application each time you book a trip on any of the cabin. All you have to do is simply click the three dots and select "Transport". However, applications should already be installed on your phone.
Facebook Messenger 15 Amazing Things

Here are fresh and amazing tricks that help you use your Facebook account Messenger very easily and in a more reinforced way. We hope these simple tips to find more information about the tricks hidden in the Facebook Messenger.


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