WhatsApp Fingerprint Protection:What Prevents The Addition

 WhatsApp Fingerprint Protection

WhatsApp Fingerprint Protection:What Prevents The Addition

New encryption feature of WhatsApp end to end is certainly a positive step. It ensures that only sender and recipient can read messages of a message exchanged on the platform. This also means that now WhatsApp can not give information to governments, even if you will.


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However, the most popular personal messaging application on Android still do not have a password protection mechanism native. The chat application owned by Facebook is based on protection providers or third-party applications native security password Android.But the use of third-party applications WhatsApp chats password protect is not an ideal situation. The platform is too personal to trust any of unofficial applications to engage with. Especially when the pirates who hijack steal data applications are in the headlines on a regular basis.In addition, Android smartphone brands planning to add fingerprint scanners on smartphones throughout the price range, it becomes even more critical.

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 Therefore, what is stopping WhatsApp ask the addition of protection fingerprint? The answer is simple. There are not many Android users marshmallow yet to attract interest WhatsApp developers to add logons fingerprints.One of the key features of Android operating system Marshmallow is the fingerprint authentication. The function is not limited only to unlock smartphones. Developers can also add fingerprint authentication into their applications. However, users with only 7.5% in the latest Android OS marshmallow, is expected to having time to arrive.
While Google and its OEM partners push more users to Android M, WhatsApp, meanwhile, you should look at the launch of your local official application WhatsApp. And most users consider it only throws WhatsApp time.

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