World's Cheapest Smartphone At 99 Rs

 World's Cheapest Smartphone

 The country clearly has not seen the last of fashion yet cheap smartphone. After the launch of Freedom 251 and later Docoss X1, smartphone maker based in Bangalore Namotel made his debut with your device 'Acche Din'.

Originally priced at Rs 2999, the phone is now available to customers in a mere Rs 99. It has a four-inch screen with 480 × 800 pixel resolution WVGA. Running on OS Android 5.1 Lollipop, has 1 GB of RAM, and four GB of internal storage, which is expandable to 32 GB. While connectivity includes 3G, the device a rear camera of 2 MP camera and VGA autofoto sports.

World's Cheapest Smartphone At 99 Rs
Acche Din Device

During the launch, the company explains modes reserve line of smartphones. First, it was expected that potential buyers to register on the website through which they would like to get a user ID and password to reserve the smart phone in Here, customers will have to present proof Aadhar card and pay a one time fee of Rs 199, some believe that sounds doubtful.

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What it is perhaps not so surprising is that these two sites ( and are inaccessible to the right after a launch day. The site says it has closed Namotel reservations from now.
During the launch, the spokesman Namotel Madhava Reddy told the media that pre-bookings for smartphones at Rs 99 will be open on the website until 25 May.

 Therefore, it may be a scam?

World's Cheapest Smartphone At 99 Rs

Similar efforts in the past, as Freedom 251, have shed light on the dubiosity claims by companies.
According to press reports in March 2016, Adcom, the company reportedly made prototypes of Freedom 251, he said it had sold the phone to the Ringing bells (company behind Freedom 251) as a consumer. He maintained he had no idea that the phones would be renamed and resold.
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In a statement, Sanjeev Bhatia President and Founder of Advantage computers (Adcom) said:

Yes, it is true that previous campaigns, although we sold the phones to ring, like mobile Adcom sell hundreds of thousands of users, we were fully aware of the plans resale of the company in question. Moreover, we have not been able to assess its pricing policy, as we have sold the phone at Rs 3,600 per unit.

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 The company had intended to take legal action, with an FIR registered against the Ringing bells. phone review units had the mark of Adcom covered with white paint, the sound of bells accepted to be nothing more than prototypes.
In another report, in February, the Ringing bells based in Noida, was recorded as the return of the payments had agreed on the first date pre-booking. The company said it had agreed to pay 30,000 orders after which the web site blocked.


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