Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016: This is what you can expect

Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016

Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016: This is what you can expect

Apple has officially begun sending invitations to its annual WWDC developer conference call. The event will take place on June 13 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and is expected to start at 10:30 pm for viewers in India. The event as always, will also be broadcast live worldwide.all activities and lectures first day Apple to take place in the same place is expected. And while we have a lot of rumors about what Apple may reveal, there is always more that begins to appear online as the WWDC is coming closer.WWDC was always about the software (WWDC 2013 was the only one who showed redesigned Apple products) and Apple has recently moved to new platforms have a lot of effectively present. Besides device software, also it expects Apple to show something new with Siri - your digital assistant devices.

iOS 10

We started with IOS 10 and while there was not much to talk about with your iOS update in September last year, this year is expected to bring a lot of new designs and renewed. Even then, do not expect a radical change as the iOS 6 to iOS 7. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning a major renovation App Store. This is expected to include some important changes as those related to navigation and browsing search results even introduce paid. This should resolve longstanding problems Store with the application of search and discovery that are clearly not as accurate and powerful as Google Play Store on Android. 
Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016: This is what you can expect

Apart from this, we have also recently seen evidence to hide actions or native applications on iPhone and iPad. The data come from iTunes metadata indicating that applications are now segregated into "first party applications" and "first game hideable applications'. The same values ​​was presented in April and apparently apply to each individual application in Apple App Store. The new data presents a new possibility for users to remove the default application, such as stocks, compass, voice messages and others.IOS 10 also is said to bring Apple's music enhanced with support letters, mass art works and expected to come out in black and white instead of the current magenta color and translucent theme.

Mac OS

Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016: This is what you can expect

Yes you read that right. While Apple has plans to rename Mac OS X for MacOS, there could be other features that the company may disclose to mark the beginning of change. These include Siri voice assistant so it is the first appearance on Macs and MacBooks company systems. Other changes coming to OS X 10.12 also include a new version of Apple iTunes as executive Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi said in a recent interview.

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In fact, this could be the second time in the history of the WWDC that Apple has decided to announce a pair of redesigned products. While Apple did update its line of MacBook recently, the MacBook Air desperately needs updating and the same can be said of the MacBook Pro range. It turns out that Apple is listening and analyst said that it is expected that the MacBook Pro for a review background. This would include a finer design again constructed of metal injection molded hinge. Apple is also expected to dump standard USB slots USB slots type C, which can see a few enemies. 

Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016: This is what you can expect

Ming-Chi Kuo also said something quite unusual to rumors surrounding the revamped MacBook line-up, indicating that the row of function keys would be replaced by a band dedicated OLED. It was recently confirmed by CultofMac when they managed to get their hands on photos of a CNC machine frame keyboard that appears to pack only the USB ports type C and no cuts for standard function keys MacBook.

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Reaching all favorite MacBook Air. There could be good news and bad news. TechRadar reports indicate that Apple could introduce a thinner and lighter MacBook Air in a 13-inch and 15-inch form factors. The bad news is that the 11-inch ultraportable can get the boot. This is the more so as laptop newest ultra-portable Apple MacBook, starts from a 12-inch screen implying a 13-inch screen may be the new "small" when it comes to laptops from Apple.

Apple TV

Apple TV at WWDC 2016 could be big for television, if Apple launches its own streaming service. the company has been hiring lately programming talent and should provide a much needed boost to Apple TV and TVOS.


Apple sends out invitations for WWDC 2016: This is what you can expect

According to reports, Apple is planning to make Siri available for third party application developers. It plans to do the same with the release of an SDK for Siri at WWDC this year. But that's not all, as Apple has been looking at Amazon and says it plans to launch a voice assistant as an echo that can operate from a box in your living room. The news comes on the heels of the annual developer conference Google, where the giant Google search announced Assistant that combines the power of search and learning, as well as an Amazon Eco alternative new Google homepage. this now makes more sense as it is expected to climb to Siri Apple computers as well as MacOS.

Apple pie

Tim Cook recently visited India and its four-day tour also made time to visit the Reliance team. It is said that Apple CEO pay have been released for Reliance Retail Stores and Reliance team seems to have agreed to assess the feasibility of doing the same. So we could have an update on this. Apart from the issues related to India, Apple could be working on something new in the form of payments from person to person through the Apple payment. The same is expected to be secured by TouchID.


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