Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

 Secret Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

WhatsApp is definitely the best mobile messaging application ever made for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and mobile Java. If you have active Internet connection on your mobile phone, then with the help of this application you can send an unlimited number of messages, videos, audios, images to anyone. As we all know that the popularity of WhatsApp has grown so popular that many tips and tricks WhatsApp coming online. It is estimated that WhatsApp has more than 400 million active users worldwide. Due to its fast delivery service messages and some other interesting features that many people are attracted to it. Here in this tutorial are sharing some of the best collection Whatsapp Tips and tricks for all users who are using WhatsApp application on their mobile phones or PC.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

 1. Use WhatsApp without their mobile phone number\

You can use WhatsApp without number that does not mean with its own number. So this trick can help do that easily and can be activated WhatsApp with a number that is not yours that is false. Just follow these steps.
  •     If you have Whatsapp already in your mobile, uninstall your device completely. Download and install it again.
  •     Block the messaging service simply by changing the flight mode.
  •     Now open WhatsApp and add your number to it. So it will not be able to send the message to the server you will be asked to choose an alternative method to verify.
Latest whatsapp tricks and tips
  •     Choose the option to verify through messages and fill your email address and click 'Send' option and without waiting click "Cancel". This completes the authorization process.
  •     Now, you are required to falsify messages. Install the message text message spoof message Fake- a- Andriod and iPhone.
  •     Phishing method: Go to outbox -> Copy the message details Spoofer to the application -> Send to false verification.
  •     Use the following data.
  •     To: +447900347295
  •     From: + [country code] [mobile phone number]
  •     Message: Your email address
  •     A message will be sent through that fake number. You can use this number to connect with friends

2. Hide "Last seen" Timestamp

By default, WhatsApp shows a timestamp "last seen" saying other users of the last time he was in WhatsApp. It is a great feature, but the function becomes very annoying because it reveals whether you are online or not. You can not hide from your friends and they'll keep talking to you. So if you want to hide this "last seen in the" time stamp follow the above steps.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips
Previously, there are many third-party applications available on Google PlayStore to hide "last seen" feature. For the latest update, you can use this feature without installing any other application.

  •     Download the latest version of WhatsApp from the official website to enjoy this feature.
  •     To hide last feature seen, Open WhatsApp, go to Settings> Account> Privacy> last seen.
  •     There you can select three options, each, my contacts, no. Select any of them.

3. spy and read the conversation of his friend

Is it possible to spy on Whatsapp conversation of close friends and read your conversation? Yes, it is possible and I explain this impressive trick through which you can spy on his friend's conversation. Just follow the steps listed below.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

  •     First, you have to do is go to the MicroSD card and then click the Whatsapp and later in the option database.
  •     Immediately after you are done with the first step you get two files, such as MSGSTORE-yyyy..dd..db.crypt
  •     msgstore.db.crypt
  •     After finding these two files, you will take  files from your friends phone and then you will easily be able to read their conversations they have done with their friends. You can open a simple text editor.

4. Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp makes automatic backups of chats, but you can also make a manual backup. Follow these simple steps to restore WhatsApp chats.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

  •     In iOS, go to Settings> chat> Chat backup, click Backup Now.
  •     In Android, just go to Settings> Chat Settings and tap conversations backup to create a backup.
  •     Will not backup media, so you will need to use a file manager backup media files in / sdcard / WhatsApp / Media on your mobile.
  •     There is no way to restore directly from WhatsApp chats, so if you want to restore a backup just uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  •     As you begin to WhatsApp just after reinstalling the application, should be asked to restore the most recent backup copy.

5. Send the files of other extensions such as ZIP, RAR, PDF

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips


  • We all know that is not compatible with WhatsApp to send other files of audio and video formats. There is no option to share documents, compressed files, and other files via WhatsApp. But with an extra application like Cloud Send You can send PDF files, APK files, Word documents and more using WhatsApp.
  •  You can also use third-party application like What is packed 2 advertisements to send files of any size by WhatsApp. But make sure that both the sender and receiver must have the application What is type 2 adverts Exchange installed on your smartphone.

6. Turn off automatic image Download WhatsApp

WhatsApp default download all images, videos and voice memos to the memory which will create lots of clutter in your gallery. Sometimes this can kill their mobile data and battery life when you have a very low balance data on your mobile. So this trick will be useful to stop automatic downloading of images or video.

Settings> Chat> Automatic Download Media. Select an option from the three suits. If you want to completely disable auto download, make all options, unsupported.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

7. Hide your WhatsApp profile Picture (DP)

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips


Due to privacy concerns, or anything else, if you want to hide your profile picture this trick will definitely help. Concealment picture profile option is only available for the latest version of WhatsApp. If you are not using the latest version then download and after installation go to Settings> Account Privacy. Then click the profile photos, select any of the three options according to your needs - Everyone, My Contacts, No.

8. Change your friend's profile picture

You can change your friend's profile pic on your WhatsApp using this new trick and an awesome prank your friends. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

  •     Choose a profile picture for your friend. Using Google Image Search monkeys and donkeys looking cute or people looking strange.
  •     Changing the image size of 561 x 561 pixels with Paint or Photoshop and name with the mobile phone number of his friend.
  •     Save the image to the SD >> >> WhatsApp Profile pictures card. Overwrite the existing file (if necessary).
  •     Disable WiFi and data network. If it does WhatsApp will automatically update the image.
  •     Now, you show your friend your profile pic WhatsApp instant panic invite your face.

Note: This is not a trick, but simply a trick to change your profile picture on your device only friend. This is for fun purposes only.

9. Create a fake / chat conversation

This trick goes viral these days and many people are creating false funny conversations and the publication of the images via social media such as Facebook and Google Plus. By using an application like WhatSaid-Whatsapp joke you can easily create false conversations and play pranks on your friends.

                                                       WhatSaid App Download Here

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

You will be able to create fake conversations with anyone adding photos, a name and create your own messages (on both sides). Do not use it to ruin someone's life please.

10. Hide Two images in one

Want to send an image to your friend WhatsApp first it looks like a beautiful but when he / she click on it, the image will change to another? Then just follow these steps ...

    Download and install Magiapp for Android and iPhone and FhumbApp in.

Latest whatsapp tricks and tips

  •     Now, after the installation of this wonderful application just shoot up and then see something interface are in the right image.
  •     Now just click on the option True Image and select the original image and click the false image option and choose your Pranky image.
  •     Now, after the selection of your images simply press do magic! option and voila! its done now only share your picture with everyone.

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