This Hardware Hacker A Phone Case Designed To Run Android on iPhone

Phone Case  To Run Android on iPhone

Programmers and nerds dependably attempt to pack one working framework into some place it doesn`t have a place. They are constantly behind the approaches to run Android on iPhone, iOS on Android telephones, or Dual-Boot iOS and Android together in a solitary gadget.

Numerous arrangements were accessible on the Internet in appreciation to this setting. However, as of late an equipment programmer has exhibited another approach to run Android OS for all intents and purposes on iPhone inside an application and without booting the iOS gadget. Scratch Lee, the CTO of versatile advancement firm Tendigi, has made a specific iPhone case, that when associated with your iPhone, will let your iPhone run an undeniable variant of Android working framework. Scratch Lee has earned himself a notoriety for putting irregular and wacky working frameworks on Apple devices, including Windows 95 on an Apple Watch.

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Lee chose to clone the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and make a custom form of Android Marshmallow he could keep running on a board he purchased himself. He then 3D printed an iPhone-sized walled in area he found on Thingiverse and joined the board, a battery, a support converter, and resistor to present a lightweight defense. At in the first place, it was entirely massive as demonstrated as follows

This Hardware Hacker A Phone Case Designed To Run Android on iPhone

Later outline was thinned down. Openings for HDMI and USB ports, and additionally a SD card space were likewise included. Booting of android was finished by the custom Tendigi application on the iPhone's home screen. Android was dispatch straightforwardly interfacing the case to the iPhone's Lightning port.

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This Hardware Hacker A Phone Case Designed To Run Android on iPhone
 [Watch Video]: Nick Lee`s 3D printed Case to run android in iPhone

Be that as it may, for a layman it's for all intents and purposes not possible to attempt this all alone cell telephone.


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